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It's Oversalted now.

Hey Everyone! My YouTube channel has been growing a lot lately. Have you checked it out yet? My whole channel is child appropriate and very chill. I can't wait to keep growing and meet a few fans.
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Why the name?

I have that name because I get salty in my videos and I have a lot of fun. It is also somewhat based off of my favorite game, Overwatch. I like playing lots of games in my videos. I even have another personality, Underpeppered Reading, as seen in my latest video ------------------------->

Come play with me!

I am mostly always willing to play with fans. If you are lucky, I might be recording during that time. If you would like to add me on Steam to play with me my name is Oversalted Gaming. See you there!

Vlogs? Maybe.

I might start doing vlogs whenever I travel and bring my channel for the trip. I still haven't figured it out because I need another camera for better recording.

So will you be a fan? -Salty/ Oversalted(Skittles)

Music: Why people listen

Image result for musicWhy do we listen to music? What kind of music do we listen to? All these questions and everyone has a different answer. The music I like is dubstep, I listen to it all the time. Studying, when I'm bored, editing my videos, homework, and practically anything. In fact, by the time you're reading this, I'm probably listening to music.

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Music is actually very helpful when studying or doing homework. You are more productive when listening to music YOU like. Perhaps you don't like dubstep; maybe you like pop hits, classical, etc. Everyone like different music styles.

Image result for pandoraThere are many online radios to listen to, I prefer to use Pandora. Pandora is completely free and has almost any custom radios you want! My radios are dubstep, owl city, twenty one pilots, today's hits, and remix radio! I love music, and maybe you do, too!

SEE YOU LATER! ~Skittles

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