Just Joking 4 (Jokes)

Ok! So today I will be listing some animal jomes from Just Joking 4

Q. What do you call a turtle wearing a scarf?

A. Cold.
Q. What was the baker's favorite movie?

A. Indiana Scones
Q. What do you get is you cross a rodent and a fruit?

A. A porcu-pineapple.
Q. What chews on trees and sings?

A. Justin Beaver
Q. How long does it take to slip on a peel?

A. A banosecond.

I hope you enjoyed these jokes! 
                                 ~Cupcake :D


Ronald said...

Funny!! Here's one for you...

Q: What do you get when your chicken lays an egg on top of the barn?
A: An eggroll!

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