Git Up Challenge!

Hey everyone!  Have you heard of the GIT UP CHALLENGE yet? It is a dance and song from a musician called Blanco Brown. Check out some of the videos here and see how to do it!

Are you optimistic?

Today I wanted to share with you a new word I learned: optimistic

If you are optimistic, that means you are hopeful about the future. 

People who are optimistic are called optimists

Are you optimistic? 

We've got the lovesick blues!

We are doing a remodel of our blog and will be back soon. 
In the meantime enjoy this video of Mason Ramsey!

Review : Sims 4

Sims 4 is a life simulation game. You can create your own characters, houses, and lives. You can give your Sim an aspiration, personality, and look. Image result for sims 4
I always love to create characters. I get to design the face shape, the lis, the eyes, the nose, and more. I have full control over how the Sim looks. You can also download custom content from the internet or from The Sims Resource. Custom Content (or CC) allows you to have other content that wasn't already in the game. I often get hair or clothes from The Sims Resource. But you can also download makeup, eyes, and more. Here is a Create-A-Sim Demo.

Image result for sims 4 create a sim

For a house, you can move into one of the already built homes, you can build one, or dowload one from the gallery. I often create my own house just to fit my Sim's favorite color. Image result for sims 4 create a house

Overall, I always love playing Sims 4. It's one of my favorite games. I would recommend this game to anyone. Have a good day! ~Cupcake :D

Mitsi's Quest : Part 1

Mitsi's Quest : Part 1
By : Cupcake :D

        Mitsi, a thin, gray cat, lay deep inside a cave. Her small, black nose sniffed the air, smelling mouse. She got up to seek for the mouse. She dropped into a hunting crouch as she spotted the small, plump mouse. She slowly crept up to the mouse and pounced onto the prey. Her claws dug into the mouse, killing it. She was proud of herself for catching a mouse. She rarely ever caught mice, but when she does, she was always joyed, but only ever ate half. She took a bite from the mouse. Her mouth watered as she chewed the mouse. She ended only eating half, because her stomach was so small. She buried the rest of the mouse. Mitsi began feeling tired, so she huddled back into her cave to rest. 
         The next morning, Mitsi woke up with aching joints. She knew there was an herb to help, but she didn't have any and she didn't know what it is. She only remembered one word from the herb. 'Daisy.' Daisy Leaves! She remembered! She got up from her spot and went on a painful search for Daisy Leaves. Her aching joints made it even worse for her to find the herb. She looked for the spikey leaves. Mitsi found the leaf and picked a few. She began chewing the herb. Her tastebuds tingled as the herb was sour. Her aching joints soon went away and she began her day.