Just Joking (Animal Riddles)

Hey everyone!! Today I will be doing some animal riddles from Just Joking. They will be just random one from random pages.

Riddle: 1 foot to thump,
4 feet to jump,
Q. What am I?

A:  A Rabbit!

Riddle: My little friends and I love wood. 
Your houses made of wood are good.
Our houses look like towers for giant colonies of ours, like this one! It's the perfect nest- a miniature Mound Everest.
Q. Who am I?

A. A termite!

Riddle: One of eight (a special herd), who thinks that he's a winter bird without feathers, only hoofs, which he thumps on lots of roofs.
Q. What am I?

Image result for santa reindeer
A. One of Santa's reindeer!

Riddle: What letter must be added to "new" to make an aquatic amphibian, also known as an eft?
Q. What am I?
A. The letter T, Newt!!

Riddle: What is the purrfect cat car?

Image result for jaguar car logo
A. A jaguar!!

Well, that's enough for today!! Bai!! ~Cupcake :D


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