Random Jokes and Riddles

Hello everyone who is reading this! So, recently, my brother has been posting. I hope you enjoy his posts and also, his meme of the days because he gonna be trying to post everyday on here. Well, gotta get blogging! So, I will be doing some random jokes and riddles from Just Joking

Riddle: There's one insect everyone knows that meets it's mate and leaves it dead. It's also the one and only insect that can swivel it's head.
Q. What am I?

A. A praying mantis!

Q. What do you call a tree with a French owl sitting in it?

A.The Eyeful Tower

Q.What's in a cat but gone in a dog? What's in a toad, but not in a frog? What's in a boar, but not in a hog?

A.The letter A!

Q. What's another name for a well-behaved wildebeests?

A.Good gnus!

Riddle: I start with a P, I end with an A. And I connect them in my own way.
Q. What am I?

A. A Panda!!

Q. Which invertebrate  has a unit of measurement in it's name?

A. An inchworm!!

Well, that's enough for blogging right now! Bye!! ~Cupcake :D


Anonymous said...

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Robert Anthony said...

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