Review: Exploding Kittens (App)

Hi! I am posting in the morning! So, this post may seem very similar from yesterday's post about Exploding Kittens the card game! Today's is about Exploding Kittens the app! 
It's kinda the same but also different. In this, if you know the Exploding Kitten is on the top, there are a few different cards to use. For example: The DRAW FROM THE BOTTOM let's you draw from the bottom, but be careful, make sure you have a DEFUSE. You can still SHUFFLE and SKIP. A new way that it has is the SLAP card. With this card you can make someone else do your turn as well as DOUBLE SLAP.
This version could be a little more fun though. There are different card decks! One of the is called Party Deck. The Party Deck has about 4 new cards in it. Like a TRIPLE SLAP, KITTY CAT BUTT BUTT, KITTY DIARREHEA, and SEE THE FUTURE (x1 and x5)
Okay. So these names are pretty weird. With KITTY CAT BUTT BUTT, you choose a person to have their cards be blinded. With KITTY DIARREHEA you can make someone's card unusable. And SEE THE FUTURE allows you to peek at the top cards.
There is also one more deck. The Betrayal Deck. In this deck it has 4 new cards as well. In this deck it has a FAKE SHUFFLE which is just a fake shuffle. The KITTEN ROLL CALL makes all the Exploding Kittens be on the top. The ALTER THE FUTURE lets you change the top cards. And Finally, the SELF SLAP allows you to let yourself take multiple turns in a row.
That's all for now! Good Bye!! ~Cupcake :D


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