Things to do During Summer

Hello! As most of you may know, it's summer. I want to be able to beat the heat during long, summer days by doing a few activities. I have compiled a list of things I enjoy doing during summer. 

1. Swimming
    I love swimming during the summer. It's refreshing, fun, and it's an easy way to exercise.Image result for swim

2. Water Balloon Fights
    I always enjoy a good water balloon fight. Unexpected fun!
Image result for water balloon
3. Go to a Drive-In Movie
    Drive-in movies are a really fun way to enjoy the summer night. Image result for drive in movies

4. Hang Out with Family
      I always love spending tim with my family. Picnics and parks days are always fun. Image result for family at park

I hope you are able to do these things. Summer is a very nice season to have fun with your family. See you later! ~Cupcake :D


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