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Story Time: The Sad Pup (Fantasy)

Hello! Today I am gonna be sharing one of my very own stories that I made. It's called The Sad Pup. Don't worry, it ends happily! It's very short.
          It was a gloomy day. It was raining, the gutters were rushing with water, and it was all sad. But there was one thing who was feeling the worst. Camo, the dog. He doesn't have a home, he lives under a bench, he was having a terrible day.
           Every day, this girl name Judy went up to him and pet him and scratched his belly. She absolutely loved him. She would never want for him to get hurt or die.
           So, one day Judy put out some food and water in front of the front door to her house. Then, Camo went up to it, and started to eat the food. The the door started to peek open, and BAM!!!!! He was inside her house.
           Judy took him in, to care for him! She sure did love him. She even had a whole room, just  for him! He loved it. Every night Camo would go up to Judy, and sleep with her. He was so happy. They both loved each other.


I hoped you enjoyed my story! ~Cupcake :D

Just Joking (Animal Riddles)

Hey everyone!! Today I will be doing some animal riddles from Just Joking. They will be just random one from random pages.

Riddle: 1 foot to thump,
4 feet to jump,
Q. What am I?

A:  A Rabbit!

Riddle: My little friends and I love wood. 
Your houses made of wood are good.
Our houses look like towers for giant colonies of ours, like this one! It's the perfect nest- a miniature Mound Everest.
Q. Who am I?

A. A termite!

Riddle: One of eight (a special herd), who thinks that he's a winter bird without feathers, only hoofs, which he thumps on lots of roofs.
Q. What am I?

Image result for santa reindeer
A. One of Santa's reindeer!

Riddle: What letter must be added to "new" to make an aquatic amphibian, also known as an eft?
Q. What am I?
A. The letter T, Newt!!

Riddle: What is the purrfect cat car?

Image result for jaguar car logo
A. A jaguar!!

Well, that's enough for today!! Bai!! ~Cupcake :D

Review: Stick Dog (Books)

Hello! Today I will be doing a review about the series Stick Dog. Stick Dog is a really interesting and easy-to-read series. It's basically about these five dogs, Stripes, Poo-Poo, Karen, Mutt, and Stick Dog. They are homeless and stray dogs that are desperate for food, and somewhat badly drawn. In the first book, they smell burgers! And then go on a search for the burgers!

That's enough for right now!!
        ~ Cupcake :D

Cute Kitty, In A Cute Costume

Recently, you've learned a little about me. (Cupcake) I may be your main blogger here on Just so you know! I have a few people here on Kidoz who may be posting once in a while. :D
I might be trying to post 1 post in the morning, and 1 post in the afternoon! So, 1 before my school, and 1 after my school (and my homework).

Do I like bananas? Yes, I do like bananas. Do I like this costume? Not. At. All.

Birthday Dogs

Well it's summer and that's birthday time for some of us, so here are some birthday dogs. Because everyone likes dogs? Well, almost everyone. But everyone sure does love birthdays, right? Oh well.



#birthday #frenchie #bulldog #thanksmom #astoria #nyc #summer


Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Pupcakes | Will Cook For FriendsYay, everybody loves left over CUPCAKES!

hiIt's our birthday but he gets all the presents.

Easter Dogs


Happy Easter! #woof #bunnyears #dogsofinstagram #dogs #shiner #pack #Easter
I'm tired from that Easter egg hunt.

Egg hunt starts here!....I don't get to find eggs but the kids do.

Easter Bullie 1Oh, was I supposed to share the eggs?

Happy Easter IG'ers!!   #instapets #latergram #dog #puppy #socute #instadog #eastersunday #blessed #TheResurrection #Christian #HeHasRisenHappy Easter says the dogs in their head but, this dog says it for real.

HAPPY EASTER FROM YOUR FAVORITE DOG - ALASKA !Oh, were these for the kids?


Hillarious Dogs!


you never throw when you talk


Do you like cinnamon rolls? Don't take a bite out of a pug!

Dog bites dog

Dogs love car rides. Cats do not!



Dog barks for no reason






Our site is clogged up with stupid spammers!

We have some blog post submissions but the spammers also loaded our website with thousands of ads and yucky fake posts. We need help cleaning it up!  In the meantime here is a messy pig.


It's getting close to Halloween

Snow WhiteDSC_0065Here are some dogs that are ready for Halloween!

Little MonsterLittle witch! - Fluffy

Laughing Dogs


I don't need help. I can swim by myself.


I don't want to be a monkey.


We found the missing binkie!

I'm not a baby!

Sad Dogs and Happy Dogs


I love you Mom.


Where am I?  (In a house!)

18/52 :: A Reminder to Myself

What am I looking at?

Why is it so grey in here?

Fast asleep

don't bother me

Mission Accomplished!

Mow.  I am not a dog.


Summer Dogs

Dog with flowers

Do you like the flowers in my background?

Se l' Umanità è quella delle persone che popolano questo mondo, allora voglio far parte delle Bestie.

Do you like my flowers?

A Bright Spring Flower Bouquet For May

Do you like the flowers I brought for you?


Am I so pretty?

I can't wait for summer!

Getting Closer to Christmas!!!

here are some pets in Santa hats.

Holiday Cheer

When is Santa coming?


Stupid Santa

quincey-claus is coming to town....

November 2009

Ho ho ho

Little Santa

Waiting for Santa Paws to come

Muttley's First Christmas

cute baby!


Cutest Baby Santa ever.....

Funny Cats!