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Story Time: The Sad Pup (Fantasy)

Hello! Today I am gonna be sharing one of my very own stories that I made. It's called The Sad Pup. Don't worry, it ends happily! It's very short.
          It was a gloomy day. It was raining, the gutters were rushing with water, and it was all sad. But there was one thing who was feeling the worst. Camo, the dog. He doesn't have a home, he lives under a bench, he was having a terrible day.
           Every day, this girl name Judy went up to him and pet him and scratched his belly. She absolutely loved him. She would never want for him to get hurt or die.
           So, one day Judy put out some food and water in front of the front door to her house. Then, Camo went up to it, and started to eat the food. The the door started to peek open, and BAM!!!!! He was inside her house.
           Judy took him in, to care for him! She sure did love him. She even had a whole room, just  for him! He loved it. Every night Camo would go up to Judy, and sleep with her. He was so happy. They both loved each other.


I hoped you enjoyed my story! ~Cupcake :D