Mitsi's Quest : Prologue

Mitsi's Quest : Prologue
By : Cupcake :D

         A young cat walked around in the forest, small and confused. She had no one to comfort her in the hardest times. She had no wher to live, no where to go. She never knew what to do. She was abandoned as a kitten. No food, no water. She always has had trouble catching birds and mice. 
         Suddenly, she saw another cat walking in the ofrest. She was scared. She quickly ran away, afraid. She didn't know what to do anymore. The other cat looked at her in the eyes. She ran away, to get away from the cat. The mysterious cat chased her as she ran faster. She tripped on a vine. The other cat caught up to her. She was terrified. 

Things to do During Summer

Hello! As most of you may know, it's summer. I want to be able to beat the heat during long, summer days by doing a few activities. I have compiled a list of things I enjoy doing during summer. 

1. Swimming
    I love swimming during the summer. It's refreshing, fun, and it's an easy way to exercise.Image result for swim

2. Water Balloon Fights
    I always enjoy a good water balloon fight. Unexpected fun!
Image result for water balloon
3. Go to a Drive-In Movie
    Drive-in movies are a really fun way to enjoy the summer night. Image result for drive in movies

4. Hang Out with Family
      I always love spending tim with my family. Picnics and parks days are always fun. Image result for family at park

I hope you are able to do these things. Summer is a very nice season to have fun with your family. See you later! ~Cupcake :D

Beauty Is...

Beauty is a great personality. Beauty is kindness. Beauty is being caring. You are beautiful. 

   Beauty is not always based on looks. Beauty is not                  insulting others. Beauty is not judging a book by it's cover.      You are beautiful.

      Beauty is happiness. Beauty is enjoying life. Beauty is             loving others. You are beautiful.

         You are wondering who's beautiful, right? Read the first         word again. Beauty has no limits. Anyone and everyone         is beautiful. Take care, ~Cupcake :D
Image result for beauty in cursive

Dear Alien, Let Me Tell You About Earth.

Dear Alien,
   Let me tell you about Earth. Earth is a beautiful place with all kinds of land. There's mountains, deserts, forests, and more. It may be kind of scary, but once you get used to it it's really fun. When you find he right part of Earth, it's amazing. you can laugh, play, have fun, and make friends. I love Earth and all its features. I recommend not getting lost. Earth is a big place. You never know what you're going to find on Earth. Enjoy Earth from sunrise to sunset. Earth and its people are beautiful no matter what. I love Earth and I never want to leave. Once you come, you will want to stay forever. 

                                      Cupcake :DImage result for sunset

Cat Memes

Hey guys! It's Cupcake here! Today, I have gathered some cat memes that I personally find funny. Hope you enjoy.
Image result for cat memesImage result for cat memes
Image result for cat memesImage result for cat memesImage result for cat memesImage result for cat memesImage result for cat memesImage result for cat memesImage result for cat memesImage result for cat memesImage result for cat memesImage result for cat memes

Hope you enjoyed these cat memes. I laughed a few time. Until next time, bye! ~Cupcake :D